About Us

TGR BioSciences Pty Ltd (TGR) is a private company located in Adelaide, Australia. Established in 2001, TGR is committed to providing innovative solutions for cell-based research applications. Our scientists have expertise in cell biology, biochemistry and immunoassay design, and have developed products and services of the highest quality, which have been used successfully in drug discovery programs around the world.

TGR has a significant investment in its research and development, and we support our customers’ research efforts by continually providing new cellular assays for the interrogation of cellular processes that underlie disease. TGR strives to create an atmosphere of continual learning and improvement, as well as high-quality technical support to provide products of exceptional performance to our customers.

Our flagship platform technology, SureFire®, underpins a range of assay kits for analysis of cellular phosphoproteins, and is manufactured at our facility in Adelaide. SureFire kits are distributed exclusively through PerkinElmer, Inc. (USA), a global market leader in laboratory reagents. With over 60 SureFire kits currently available, each measuring a different cell signalling target, SureFire assays provide an unparalleled toolbox for measuring endogenous signalling proteins in a homogeneous format.

TGR’s ELISAONE™ is a highly sensitive immunoassay technology that provides rapid results without all of the handling steps needed for standard ELISA applications. ELISAONE also brings flexibility to this platform, allowing users to measure multiple targets on a single 96-well plate, using standard plate readers. ELISAONE represents the next generation in ELISA technology and is now available in the US and Canada through our distribution partners.

TGR’s Mission

TGR BioSciences is committed to facilitating drug discovery research, through provision of the highest quality products and customer support, thereby contributing to the next generation of healthcare solutions.