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TGR has extensive knowledge of signaling characteristics of major pathways in many cell lines, and here we aim to provide a resource for scientists to optimize cellular experiments. However, if your cell line or pathway of interest is not listed here contact us to ask one our scientists.

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Ataxia telangiectasia mutated kinase (ATM) and ataxia telangiectasia and Rad3-related kinase (ATR) are serine/threonine kinases that regulate cell cycle checkpoints in response to DNA damage. ATR is activated by a variety of agents that can induce DNA damage, including UV light, and particular chemicals that inhibit DNA replication or directly modify DNA, whereas ATM is induced primarily by conditions that induce double strand breaks in the DNA, such as ionizing radiation.

Upon induction, ATM/ATR regulate the activity of several diverse classes of protein, many of which have been directly implicated in cellular checkpoint signaling pathways. These include scaffolding proteins, regulatory proteins, and other kinases. Among the better understood ATM/ATR substrates are p53, Chk1 and Chk2. Located immediately downstream of ATM/ATR, parallel analysis of phosphorylation of a combination of Chk1, Chk2 and p53 provides an ideal platform for interrogating the induction of ATM/ATR-mediated signaling.

See below for cell-based applications on ATM/ATR signaling.

Signaling targets

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JAK/STAT signaling pathway downloads

Application Note: STAT signaling in THP-1 cells

Application Note: STAT signaling in TF-1 cells

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Datasheet: ELISAONE™ STAT5

Akt signaling pathway downloads

Poster: GPCR-mediated signaling

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Datasheet: ELISAONE™ RP S6

Datasheet: ELISAONE™ BAD

Datasheet: ELISAONE™ p70S6K

MAPK signaling pathway downloads

Poster: GPCR-mediated signaling

Datasheet: phospho-MKK4

Datasheet: phospho-JNK 1/2/3

Datasheet: JNK 1/2/3

Datasheet: phospho-CREB

Datasheet: ELISAONE™ ERK 1/2

Datasheet: ELISAONE™ JNK 1/2/3

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NF-kappaB signaling pathway downloads

Application Note: NF-κB signaling in HeLa cells

Datasheet: ELISAONE™ NF-κB p65

Datasheet: ELISAONE™ I-κBα

Datasheet: ELISAONE™ IKKa

ATM/ATR signaling pathway downloads

Application Note: ATM/ATR signaling

Datasheet: AlphaScreen Surefire p-Chk1

Datasheet: AlphaScreen SureFire p-Chk2

Datasheet: AlphaScreen SureFire p-p53

Datasheet: AlphaScreen SureFire total p53

Datasheet: ELISAONE™ p53

mTOR signaling pathway downloads

Datasheet: ELISAONE™ p70S6K

Datasheet: ELISAONE™ RP S6

TGFbeta signaling pathway downloads

Datasheet: AlphaScreen SureFire p-Smad1

Datasheet: AlphaScreen SureFire p-Smad2

Wnt signaling pathway downloads

Datasheet: ELISAONE™ GSK3b

Datasheet: ELISAONE™ b-Catenin

Other kits

Datasheet: AlphaScreen SureFire p-Histone


Datasheet: ELISAONE™ CREB1

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