TGR BioSciences Collaborates with PerkinElmer in Launch of New AlphaLISA® SureFire® Ultra Assays

PerkinElmer’s Advanced Offering Reduces Assay Time By Up to 50 Percent and Enhances Detection Process for Life Science Researchers


TGR BioSciences, a leading innovator of immunoassay technologies and products, today announced a collaboration with PerkinElmer, Inc. in PerkinElmer’s launch of its AlphaLISA® SureFire® Ultra™ assays. These solutions are designed to reduce assay time by up to 50 percent and to improve the protein phosphorylation detection process. This is a critical process for helping life science professionals obtain more accurate results in biotherapeutic drug discovery research.

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Innova Biosciences and TGR BioSciences Announce Co-Marketing Agreement for Core Technologies

Combining Innova’s Lightning-Link® conjugation kits with TGR’s CaptSure™ ELISA technology simplifies ELISA development and improves sensitivity.

Cambridge, UK and Adelaide, Australia, 16 January 2014: TGR BioSciences Pty Ltd (TGR), a life sciences company focused on the development of rapid, high sensitivity ELISA systems using their CaptSure technology, and Innova Biosciences (Innova), a specialist provider of bioconjugation systems, announced that they have entered into an agreement to promote and co-market each other’s highly complementary technologies, providing customers with a major step forward in simplifying the ELISA development process, while improving sensitivity and reducing costs.

TGR has determined that combining Innova’s Lightning-Link conjugation kits for the horseradish peroxidase (HRP) labelling of antibodies with its CaptSure technology in the development of ELISA systems maximises assay sensitivity, whilst enabling the development of a wide range of ELISA assays rapidly and cost effectively. As part of the agreement Innova customers will be introduced to the CaptSure technology, with the assurance that it will work alongside the Lightning-Link reagents. Similarly, TGR customers will receive a recommendation for Lightning-Link, with the knowledge that it will be available for licensing to them, should they choose to use it alongside CaptSure products.

TGR’s CaptSure technology simplifies ELISA assays to one-step procedures, making them much faster and easier to carry out. Both assay antibodies are added to analyte at once, and after a single wash step the HRP substrate is added to develop the signal. Importantly, costs of manufacture are greatly reduced, since only a single assay plate is required (coated with CaptSure reagent) rather than a different plate for each target, and the system also requires much less assay antibodies.

Innova’s Lightning-Link conjugation system provides the ability to label antibodies with only 30 seconds hands-on time, whilst offering 100% yields and enhanced sensitivity over traditional labelling techniques and over other conjugation systems on the market.

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TGR BioSciences Announces License Agreement with Abcam

TGR BioSciences Pty Ltd (TGR), a leading developer of advanced cell based assay technologies, is pleased to announce a license agreement with Abcam plc, of Cambridge, UK, a producer and distributor of high quality protein research tools. Under the agreement Abcam will develop and manufacture immunoassay products that incorporate TGR’s proprietary CaptSure™ assay technology. Immunoassays incorporating CaptSure are highly sensitive, offer considerable time savings, and are easy to perform when compared with conventional sandwich immunoassays.

James Murray, General Manager of Abcam Eugene commented: “We are pleased to have signed the license agreement with TGR. This innovative technology will enable Abcam to continue to develop its high quality immunoassay range by providing even greater choice to customers.”

“We’re extremely pleased that Abcam, a company at the forefront of product supply and support, has recognised the significant advantages afforded by our CaptSure immunoassay technology,” says Anne Hinton, CEO at TGR BioSciences. “Abcam is recognized around the world for providing the highest quality products and services to the Life Science community, and we are very excited to see Abcam incorporating our technology in their immunoassay products.”