ELISA-One™ Overview

Monitoring cell signaling pathways accurately is essential for understanding many cellular processes and disease states. Phosphoproteins play a critical role in these processes and reliable sensitive measurement techniques are important to help further basic research and drug discovery research.

ELISAONE™ delivers a quantum-shift in the way an ELISA, the workhorse of many cell-biology labs, can be run. A cell lysate is simply mixed with assay reagents, incubated in an ELISAONE™ microplate, then washed and incubated with substrate. The whole process can take as little as one hour, with far fewer handling steps than regular ELISA kits.

ELISAONE™ delivers fast, sensitive and accurate results in as little as 1 hour.

  • Sensitive – for challenging biology
  • Fast – results in as little as 1 hr
  • Simple protocol – easy to run
  • Quantitative – for greater reliability
  • Flexible – measure multiple analytes
  • Uses most plate readers – fluorescence or colorimetric

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